FTD Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Design Services:

1. FPGA Development

FPGA development is an increasingly significant part of today’s electronics design landscape. Modern FPGAs can now support highly complex sub-systems with consequential challenges such as the integration of multi-source IP and robust interfacing with the host equipment.

With experience of Xilinx and Altera FPGAs and also experience in different IP Cores, FTD Automation provides a complete service in FPGA development, from device selection, hardware design, clock domain partitioning to RTL coding (VHDL/Verilog), simulation, IP Cores based designs, timing closure and test.

Our engineers understand the importance of the appropriate application of timing constraints and have experience of working with high speed, resource limited designs. Particular skills include the design of high speed interfaces, clock domain crossing, and converting digital signal processing (DSP) functionality from floating-point models to fixed-point implementations.

FTD Automation’s Engineers are experts in following design environments:


  • Converting older CPLD/FPGA based designs to newer FPGA based designs and also related up gradations at board level.
  • Converting older Microprocessor/Microcontroller based designs or obsolete part based designs to new FPGA based platforms
  • Converting RTL from one FPGA platform to another FPGA platform
  • Testing/Validation Environment development – Design of golden reference models and generation of test vectors suitable for FPGA simulation
  • IP selection and stitching of different IPs to form a system on FPGA
  • RTL development, verification and regular FPGA design flow


2. PCB Design Services

Strong digital, RF and mixed signal design skills, with particular understanding of low noise systems enable FTD Automation’s engineers to develop boards for the most demanding applications. Our development engineers have a wealth of experience in designing high speed and mixed signal multi-layer boards.

FTD Automation’s PCB design services group provides:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Schematic Capture and PCB Design
  • Library creation, advice and support
  • PCB Simulation for Impedance, Cross Talk and Signal Integrity issues.
  • Pre-approval of EMC Emissions testing for CE and FCC certification
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Complete Turnkey Solutions

Experience includes the following:-

  • Proven advanced HDI strategies for BGA to 0.4mm pitch
  • Active VME Backplanes design
  • High speed logic design to 1GHZ
  • RF modules design
  • DDR 1, 2 and 3 memory
  • ISA, PCI, PCIE form factors
  • Gigabit Ethernet, USB 1 and 2, SATA, LVDS


SOC Technologies:

About SOC:

System-On-Chip (SOC) Technologies is a Waterloo based technology company, specializing in video/audio codecs of MPEG-2, MPEG4/H.264, and MPEG5/H.265. SOC's MPEG codecs are implemented using its proprietary technology of single-clock driven, all-hardware architecture (without processors and embedded software), which has a small silicon footprint, low power consumption, high speed, and low latency.

SOC MPEG video/audio codecs are in the form of IP cores or FPGA based discrete modules (similar to an ASIC). SOC customizes the designs, especially on the interfaces, to suit the needs of its customers.

The key technology of SOC is its all-hardware design/implementation of MPEG codecs, which include MPEG2, MPEG4/H.264, and MPEG5/H.265. The SOC MPEG codecs are implemented on FPGAs using SOC's proprietary technology of single-clock driven, all-hardware architecture (ASIC on FPGA). The SOC MPEG codecs cover the entire spectrum of resolutions, including QVGA, SD, HD (720i/p, 1080i/p), UHD(4k), all with color sampling of either 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 and frame rate up to 60 fps.

SOC also manufactures FPGA prototyping boards and provides IP cores other than video/audio codes, such as Ethernet, UDP/IP, video scalar, and others.

Product Categories from SOC Technologies:

  • H.264 video/audio encoder IP core
  • H.264 video/audio decoder IP core
  • MPEG2 video/audio encoder IP core
  • MPEG2 video/audio decoder IP core
  • MPEG2-to-H.284 transcoder IP core
  • H.264-to-MPEG2 transcoder IP core
  • Multi-channel encoder and decoders
  • H.265 cores are under development

Website: http://www.soctechnologies.com