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OrCAD Capture CIS

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For fast, intuitive schematic editing and project management

Cadence ® OrCAD® Capture offers a comprehensive solution for entering, modifying, and verifying complex system designs quickly and cost-effectively. Whether used to design a new analog circuit, revise a schematic diagram for an existing PCB, or design a digital block diagram with an HDL module, OrCAD Capture allows designers to enter, modify, and verify the PCB design. OrCAD Capture CIS integrates the schematic design application with the features of a component information system (CIS)

Schematic Editing

The full-featured schematic editor enables users to place and connect parts from a comprehensive set of functional libraries.

Project Management

The project manager enables users to collect and organize all the resources needed for the project throughout the design flow.

Hierarchical Design and Reuse

OrCAD Capture boosts schematic editing efficiency by enabling subcircuit reuseâ€"without having to make multiple copies.

Libraries and Part Editing

The library editor is accessed directly from the user interface. Users can create and edit parts in the library or directly from the schematic page without interrupting workflow.

Easy Data Entry

Designers can access all part, net, pin, and title block properties or any subset and make changes quickly through the spreadsheet property editor. It simply requires selecting a circuit element, a grouped area, or an entire page, and then editing part, net, or pin properties.

Component Information System

OrCAD Capture CIS integrates the features of a component information system with Cadence schematic capture technology. This reduces production delays and cost overruns through efficient management of components. The time spent searching existing parts for reuse, manually entering part information content, and maintaining component data is reduced.

Online Component Library

The ActiveParts fully integrated online component library enables designers to search and select components from more than two million parts. Such a significant improvement in access to parts provides users with a completely new level of design flexibility.

Extended CIS Documentation

CIS also provides powerful report generation. Instead of limiting designers to just those properties that reside in the schematic, CIS draws from the extensive wealth of information that resides in the preferred part database, taking report generation to the next level. Designers can generate BOMs using up-to-date, comprehensive, and complete information, and create reports through the Crystal report engine.

Architecture/Database Integration

  • Accepts plugins for programmable logic design and analog simulation
  • Allows for design creation and simulation in the same environment
  • Works with Microsoft's ODBC-compliant databases
  • Users can access data directly in an MRP, ERP, and PDM

New Features and Enhancements in Capture 16.6 Release

CIS.INI Settings

While the Capture INI settings are always dynamic, the CIS settings are more or less static and usually do not change after the initial CIS database related setup. You may often need to clear out and reinitialize your Capture INI settings, but may still want to retain the CIS settings. To allow this, OrCAD 16.5 now retains the CIS INI settings in a separate back-up file. This file retains the CIS INI settings that Capture will retrieve when it re-initializes the Capture INI settings.

Partial Design Simulation

The 16.5 release comes with the productivity enhancing feature of partial design simulation. You can now identify individual components of any design, and, using the partial design simulation feature, simulate only selected portions. Using this feature, you can simulate different circuits in the design with different simulation profiles. You can also netlist only a particular portion of the design. In addition, you can compare and merge portions of a design quickly..

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